'Walk in Dante's footsteps through the heart of ancient Florence with Enneagram map in hand'

Discover Dante and The Enneagram through lectures, music, art and dialogue, with shared inquiry, meditation and bodywork

Explore Florence’ ancient streets and the Dante connection through great art and hidden gems, with daily excursions led by excellent local guides

Add to the mix good company and great conversation, Italian piazzas, restaurants, food and wine. It’s a heady mix! The alchemy is undeniable

Type Nine

Sloth → Right Action

Type One

Anger → Serenity

Type Two

Pride → Humility

Type Three

Self-deceit → Veracity

Type Four

Envy → Equanimity

Type Five

Avarice → Non-attachement

Type Six

Fear → Courage

Type Seven

Gluttony → Sobriety

Type Eight

Lust → Innocence


The path from Fixation to Freedom

Our unique 4-day programme begins 9am on Saturday 19 May and ends 5pm on Tuesday 22 May
Each day is made up of three key ingredients:

Lectures on Dante and The Enneagram, interwoven with music, art and dialogue.

Elements of personal and group inquiry, meditation and bodywork

Visits to historic places of significance to Dante led by experienced & knowledgeable local guides, or more local walks. Includes:

Orientation to Florence: walk via Casa di Dante, the Duomo and Baptistry, Piazza della Signoria, Uffizi Palace and Ponte Vecchio.
Guided tour of Florence taking in famous sites on a Dante theme, beginning Sante Croce and ending Santa Maria Novella.
San Marco and the frescoes of Fra Angelico.
A detailed programme, itinerary and welcome information will be provided 3 weeks prior to the event
Your choice:

While most are keen to enjoy it all, participants are free to choose how much or how little they do. In the same way, your personal journey may go deep, or you may prefer a lighter touch. The choice is yours.

You are invited to join a group restaurant booking one evening. Evenings are otherwise free for you to spend as you wish.

You are also welcome to join an informal drinks gathering on the evening of Friday 18 May.


PhD: is a world-leading expert in the Enneagram much in demand for her distinctive combination of academic insight and personal understanding. A student of the Enneagram since 1990 she has extensive professional experience in its application: in psychotherapy, business, personal and spiritual growth and in Enneagram workshops worldwide.

“This is the highlight of my year, bringing profound personal and spiritual work grounded in the history, wisdom and beauty of Dante’s Florence.”



Contributes as a professional coach and facilitator, enabling a vivid, ‘felt sense’ connection with the journey of the Divine Comedy.  Helen’s credentials include an MA in literature from Cambridge and 17 years professional Enneagram experience. An inspired participant in 2016, Helen is thrilled to return as faculty member in 2018.

“For me, this is a wonderful synergy of interests and friendship; personal, professional, spiritual and literary in a gorgeous setting that amplifies it all. No words quite do it justice - you have to discover the alchemy for yourself.”

mau 001


Founder of NoveVie Enneagram school and certified teacher with the Palmer-Daniel school, like all Italians, studied The Divine Comedy at school and brings an exquisite sense of its provenance, personally and culturally.

“The Comedy is a timeless map for our individual inner Hero’s journey, a conversion from unconscious to conscious. The opening of our spiritual heart requires its language and I welcome you in Florence to listen to it.”

foto Ester1_1


Chiara Pasquali is a Business Coach and Mindfulness Counselor. She studied The Divine Comedy and she loves to use it as a metaphor of the personal journey. She leads counseling and personal growth groups where she integrates the Enneagram, theater dance, meditation and body awareness work.


Ester D’Argenio is the President and Founder of the Group ‘TOTEMAJU – ethnic dances and stage arts’. She is a teacher with many years experience in Traditional Egyptian Dance, Ethnic Dance and Theater Dance.

3 very different lands await us as we journey through the Divine Comedy. Ester and Chiara invite us to discover Purgatory, Inferno and Paradise in a very different way, with a somatic, meditative and creative exploration. They help make it the real, lived experience that Dante valued so highly. (Complementary to the core programme).


Welcome to "Case del Santo Nome di Gesù"

Our programme takes place in the historic Casa del Santo Nome di Gesu, where residential accommodation is also available.

An excellent city centre location in the historical centre of Florence, it is a remarkably peaceful space. Yet just five minutes walk away from the Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria,

The Casa dates back to the 13th century, when Dante’s contemporaries completed the Piazza del Carmina. Today, it offers a warm welcome with contemporary facilities, comfortable bedrooms, restaurant and relaxation areas.  A team of highly professional staff, helpful and friendly, is keen to ensure we have a superb time.

Piazza del Carmine, 21
50124 – Firenze – Italy

Phone: +39 055 213856

Fax: +39 055 281835

Email: info@fmmfirenze.it


Very tempted – but not quite ready to book? Please let us know so we can register your interest. Or ask questions – we’d be glad to help.

Sold out 3 years running! Group size is genuinely limited. Early booking recommended.

Contact us:

UK +44 (0) 1747 83 99 73
ITALY +39-335-741–0990




BOOK NOW and either:

  • Pay full amount on booking or
  • Pay a deposit of 250 Euros. Full balance due by 14 February 2018.

If you would like to extend your stay at the Casa, let us know and we can help with arrangements.

We can also offer advice on alternative accommodation close-by, including single room arrangements.

Please note that there are a very limited number of single rooms on site, available on a first come first served basis.

Included in booking fee: 

  • Light refreshments throughout
  • Lecture programme and any supporting materials
  • Guided walks & all entrance fees
  • One restaurant evening meal

Not included in booking fee: 

  • Independent travel arrangements to and from Florence.
  • Travel and health insurance.

Please download our booking Terms & Conditions and read fully. When you book and pay, whether deposit or full payment, you confirm acceptance of NoveVie’s booking terms & conditions.


  • DOUBLE ROOM 4 NIGHTS at venue
    This rate is for a double room for those who want to share a room with another participant
  • CHECK-IN Friday MAY 18, 2018
    Check-in from 4.00pm
  • CHECK-OUT Tuesday MAY 22, 2018
    Check-out at 12.00pm


    This rate is for those who choose to commute to the venue from other hotels
  • Workshop begins Saturday MAY 19, 2018 h.9:00am
  • Workshop ends on Tuesday MAY 22, 2018 h.5.00pm


  • SINGLE ROOM 4 NIGHTS at venue
    This rate is for a single room at the venue
  • CHECK-IN Friday MAY 18, 2018
  • CHECK-OUT Tuesday MAY 22, 2018